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Rug Storage in Nashua, NH

Protect your investment with professional rug storage. We keep rugs in pristine condition in our specially designed facility. Rugs are the heart and soul of our business, so we know how to keep them looking their best. Our services are ideal for Oriental, Persian, and Karastan™ rugs of all kinds. Whether you need temporary storage while you remodel your home or long-term storage for a valuable family heirloom, you can count on us.

Expert Oriental Rug Storage for Preservation

Storing an Oriental rug properly is essential if you want to avoid damage from moths, mildew, rodents, and other threats. We specialize in Oriental rug storage for residential and commercial clients. Many families own valuable area rugs but don't have room in their homes for them or want to keep them in mint condition for later resale. Storing a rug avoids the wear and tear caused by foot traffic, but improper storage makes rugs susceptible to other kinds of damage.

Rugs should always be stored in a cool, dark environment where the temperature and humidity are controlled. Sunlight causes rugs to fade, especially if your rug is an antique that uses traditional dyes, so it is important that you choose a storage room without direct sunlight. Our storage room offers the ideal environment for rugs of all kinds. You'll have peace of mind, knowing your rug is safe, secure, and in excellent condition.

Beautiful Rug in Nashua, NH

The Best Choice for Persian Rug Storage

Persian rugs are world-renowned for their beauty and elaborate designs. If you own a Persian rug, the best way to preserve its value is through professional storage and care. We are the region's best choice for Persian rug storage. Our storage facility is designed to protect rugs from insects and environmental damage of all kinds. We offer both short- and long-term storage at affordable prices.

Effective and Efficient Rug Moth Treatment

Clothes moths are one of the biggest threats to area rugs and other wool items. It can be heartbreaking to unroll a beautiful Persian or Oriental rug only to find it destroyed by these wool-eating insects. We offer professional rug moth treatment to kill moths, eliminate larvae, and prevent these pests from returning. This kind of treatment is especially important if you are going to be storing your rug. Normal use helps discourage moths and carpet beetles from infesting a rug, but long-term storage makes your rug a target for pests.

Before treating your rug, we thoroughly clean it to remove dirt, larvae, and moth eggs. We then use state-of-the-art techniques to get rid of remaining insects without damaging the rug. If you suspect your rug is being eaten by moths or beetles, don't hesitate to get in touch. The sooner you act, the less damage will be done.

Short- and Long-Term Storage at Great Prices

Storing your area rug is as easy as pie. Just bring it to our location and we'll do the rest. Whether you need short- or long-term storage, we've got your covered. We treat your rug with the same care and techniques we use on our own inventory of high-quality rugs, and our prices are some of the best in the area. Our rug storage services are ideal for valuable antiques and brand new rugs alike.

Contact us to keep your rugs safe. We store area rugs for clients in Nashua, Bedford, Amherst, Hollis, and Manchester, New Hampshire, plus the surrounding areas.

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