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Area Rug Repair & Restoration in Nashua, NH

Bring your faded and frayed area rugs to our family-owned company for Oriental rug repair and restoration. Our professionals possess the experience and the expertise to restore and repair these heirlooms. From machine-made wool to handmade silk rugs, we deliver superior antique rug repair. Since 1953, we have been providing rug restoration services for many satisfied customers.

We specialize in dealing with fine rugs that need Persian rug restoration. These well-made and glorious rugs can last for generations with proper care and attention. Let us take a once-beautiful rug and provide you with quality, affordable moth-damage rug repair. Using our experience and craftsmanship, we bring your rug back to full beauty generation.

Rug Restoration in Nashua, NH

Oriental Rug Repair from Experienced Craftsmen

Come by our showroom and discover why customers choose us to repair their Oriental rugs. We can show you pictures of rugs that came to us badly damaged and left looking as if as if they were brand new. For the owners and our craftsmen, it is exciting to see the dramatic changes. Our professionals have the skills and craftsmanship to expertly restore the fibers in your treasured possession.

Damage to Oriental and antique rugs takes many forms. Rely on us to repair the following problems:

• Moth Damage
• Holes
• Frayed Ends
• Torn & Missing Fringe
• Pet and Claw Damage
• Thin, Worn Spots

Restore Beauty & Value with Antique Rug Repair

Antique rugs carry great value, both sentimental and monetary, in addition to their stunning beauty. Such rugs deserve to be the focal point of any room with their vibrant colors and fine weave contributing to the overall appeal of any room in your home or business. When your family heirloom shows signs of damage, request meticulous repairs from our talented craftsmen.

To repair such a treasure requires an understanding of how such rugs are made. Our professionals have the skill and knowledge to make repairs so that your rug is as stunning as it can be.

Persian Rug Restoration with Overseas Expertise

Let us restore the gorgeous Persian rug you would like to use in your foyer. If it is the perfect size and color, but is old and faded as well as worn and torn, we can bring back its original beauty. When you need your antique and heirloom rugs restored, we send them to our partner in Turkey. The team overseas specializes in these types of restorations and performs all work by hand.Trust in knowing that your rug will be returned in beautiful condition when you rely on us for antique rug restoration and repair, just as the local community has for more than 62 years.

 Moth-Damaged Rug Repair & Treatment

Let us treat a rug that has been infested by moths. We use sprays and traps that are specially developed to destroy the moths without damaging your rug. The first sign you may have of moth damage is seeing the newly hatched moths flying about your house. These have hatched from larvae that moths have laid in your rug, usually on the underside.

Check the underside of your rug for sand-like particles and moth excretions, then call us to pick up your rug or let us know you are bringing it in. Our worry and yours is ridding your rug of larvae and preventing cross contamination. You do not want to let the moths feed on your rug, your draperies, or your furniture. After we destroy the larvae, our craftsmen carefully repair and restore your rug.

Excellent Work from Experienced Specialist

We strive to produce excellent results so you can take pride in using or displaying your rug once again. Our area rug repair specialists understand the sentimental value of your rug and treat each one with the care it deserves. In addition, we provide reweaving services to restore the integrity of your area rugs.

Our goal is to renew the vibrancy and luxury of your area rugs, ensuring that each one lasts from one generation to the next. Pass that family heirloom along to continue a tradition that never goes out of style. We recommend that you take good care of your precious Persian rug. Frequent vacuuming and regular professional cleaning will do much to ensure that you and your family enjoy its loveliness for decades.

Contact us today or visit our showroom to learn more about our antique and Oriental area rug repair and restoration in Nashua. We proudly serve all of New England, including Nashua, Bedford, Amherst, Hollis, Manchester, Windham, and Merrimack, NH, as well as Westford, Groton, and Andover, MA.

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